Our mission:

“Maria Montessori Academy is dedicated to providing a comprehensive Montessori education that facilitates the development of the whole child."

  • Maria Montessori Academy provides an exceptional  education for children from preschool – grade 12
  • All of our staff are committed to helping our students grow to be flexible and creative problem solvers who are self-directed in their learning
  • Our program incorporates student focussed learning in a safe, nurturing and welcoming community
  • The authentic delivery of the Montessori method cultivates leadership, independent thought, self-confidence and innovative thinking across the ages

Welcome to Maria Montessori Academy.  We are a community that cares deeply about education, children and families.  We are so proud to offer an authentic Montessori education for children from preschool to Grade 12 within a family-like setting. Our small scale learning environment provides teachers the flexibility to personalize learning for each individual student.  The traditional Montessori environment helps children learn at their own pace through self-directed learning while fulfilling, and in most cases far surpassing, the BC educational curriculum.   We wholeheartedly believe in the Montessori approach because we see results day in and day out.  Here, students are encouraged to try new things, take risks and have the freedom to truly be themselves.  Their full and enthusiastic participation in all elements of classroom life, allows students to excel both academically and socially; eventually leading to success in the ‘real world’.  The hands on interactive approach and low student teacher ratio encourages children to reach their full potential and fosters a love of learning.

We look forward to seeing you soon!