Elementary/Middle/High School:

The first step of application is a tour.

Tours are conducted by the Vice Principal and Principal and can be arranged by completing the "Request a Tour" form.

We look forward to being able to show you the entire school with a focus on the area you are interested in applying to.

Once a tour has been completed, interested families must submit a completed application form and pay the non-refundable application fee.

The school administration will begin offering Preschool placements in late February.  

Kindergarten candidates will be asked to come in for a brief meeting with the Principal.  

Elementary/Middle and High School students must include the following documents with their applications.  

  • A copy of the most recent report card
  • A copy of the most recent IEP and/or Psych-ed assessment if applicable
  • A questionnaire/letter of recommendation completed by the student’s current teacher
  • Any other relevant supporting documents

In January we begin the enrollment process for the upcoming year.  We begin with re-registration of returning students and then look at siblings and staff children.  When those placements are complete we extend invitations to strong candidates to arrange visits.  

Visits are 2-3 consecutive days at the level the student would be joining.  During the visit candidates are encouraged to observe interactions between students and teachers.  They will be asked to complete sample work from an array of topics.  Visitors will get a strong sense of the relationship between students, their teachers and their school work.

Upon completion of the visits teachers will meet informally with the students and families to answer questions.  

After consultation, successful applicants will receive an offer from the Administrative office.   We do our best to finalize our offers by March/April so families can make arrangements.