The Board of the International  Association of Progressive Montessorians is presently made up of 8 volunteers of professionals, called Directors.The Directors are elected for two-year terms and meet once a month. As laid out by the School Act, the Board sets policies for the operation of the school, hires the school administration to implement these policies, and monitors the operation of the school through these policies.  The Board also creates, in cooperation with the staff, strategic plans for the school and establishes the annual budget (including tuition fees).

The Board conducts much of its work through committees.  These committees, which are comprised of Board members as well as Society members or staff members who have been invited by the Board to participate, allow a greater avenue for discussion and research that what is possible in regular Board meetings.  These committees are Management, Education, Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Personnel, and Long Term Planning and the committees report back to the Board with their recommendations each month.

Although staff members and parents of students are not allowed to be Directors on the Board, the Board looks to the parent and staff community for advice, expertise, and potential Board membership once your son or daughter is no longer enrolled in the school.

For more information about The Board, please see Meet Our Board.

You can also read our Board Policies here.