We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive Montessori education that facilitates the development of the whole child.



We know how overwhelming it can be as you consider educational options for your child.  Here, you will find information on the Montessori philosophy that we hope will answer any of your questions.

Why Montessori?



Delve into the history of MMA, meet our faculty and learn about our board.

What Our Families Are Saying

"I am so extremely happy with the care and love both my children receive at our school! I feel blessed to have them enrolled at MMA, please keep up the magnificent work!


Lower Elementary and Preschool Dad

"Bless you for all the work you do. ...I love your encouragement to have parents in our community look inwards and find their empathy and heart when thinking - and judging - students. I am grateful beyond measure that Lizzy is part of this community, this village. And me too!"

~Krista Stellar

Omega Mom

"I love that I feel safe leaving my children at school!  It's like home away from home!"

~Upper Elementary & Lower Elementary Mom

"Kind and inclusive with caring teachers and strong academics.  Cannot say enough positive things about this school community."

Cam Gray

"I can't tell you how much we appreciate all you do for the school and kids. Rarely is there a day when the kids don't come home happy, or when they can't wait to to get there in the morning."

~Sigma and Delta Parents




Find out how to apply, get answers to frequently asked questions and look at our tuition scale.

What Our Students Are Saying

"The accepting community around MMA plays a major role in the overall flow of the system. Your gender, religion, skin color, ethnicity, and even the complexion of your pigment; the difference is erased from our heads. It’s in the hearts that matters, no matter where you're at the very atmosphere that surrounds you is can be the change. MMA is the most positive and inviting educational experience that you can obtain, and for that we are all blessed."

P.G. - High School

"Maria Montessori Academy gives a new perspective on education. One that is not only more effective,but is potentially groundbreaking."

D.J. - High School

“Our school has been a blessing, not just for me, but for many other kids as well, I’m sure. It’s such a welcoming, friendly, and lively environment that makes learning fun and interactive and does its best to meet the needs of each and every student. Smaller numbers per grade can allow for more, stronger relationships and a better sense of security and familiarity in classrooms. Group projects and teamwork are greatly encouraged, and classrooms commonly discuss, resolve, and agree upon things as a whole. Students inherit a lot of skill that can be essential for their future lives, which includes citing in MLA format, cooking, writing a résumé, and public speaking. Overall, I’m so glad my parents can afford to send me to such an amazing school, where I learn so much, form wonderful friendships, and always feel comfortable in my own skin.”

E.L. - High School

"MMA is like family, we have lots of friends here, and it is warm, peaceful, caring, safe and pet friendly!"

B.M. - Delta, Upper Elementary

I absolutely love this school. I transferred here because I was really unhappy in public school, and it completely changed my life. The teachers, students, and vibe of school is amazing. They offer quality education in a family setting. The people here are some of the most amazing I have ever met. If you send your children here, they will grow up educated, intelligent, with a lifelong love of learning.

F.L. - High School

"MMA means coming to school happy, and still being excited to learn in High School."

Omega Student

“I attended this school from grade 10-12, and I just graduated. This school is the most caring, individualized, and incredible school I have ever seen. Take into consideration the idea of sending your children here. You wouldn't regret it in the slightest.”

A.C. - High School Graduate

"Sigma is awesome!"

Alia - Middle School

“There are really nice people and I like that you get to make your own choices.  The materials make learning really fun.”

C.L. - Upper Elementary

“ I think it’s nice that you don’t just get worksheets and you get to choose your own work that’s all ready for your level.”

M.D. Upper Elementary

“If you’re having trouble or you don’t understand something, you get to ask for help because the teacher focuses on everybody individually instead of just the whole class.”

E.C.R. - Upper Elementary

“We have very fun, nice teachers.”

A.M. - Upper Elementary

“I like doing morning exercise, like power walk.  There are really nice teachers here.”

M.H. - Lower Elementary

“I like choosing when to have snack.”

L.M. - Lower Elementary

“It’s good that you get to use fun materials for math.  It’s fun to use the large bead frame.”

K.M. - Lower Elementary

“It’s good to learn at your own pace and the materials make things easier to understand.  We get to figure things out for ourselves.”

C.K. - Lower ELementary

“There’s a lot of fun and hard work.”

M.V. - Lower Elementary



At Maria Montessori Academy, we are proud to offer education from Preschool through Grade 12 in a supportive and family like community setting.

Our alumni continue to learn at...


Student Life

We are pleased to be able to offer our students a well rounded education here at Maria Montessori Academy.  There are several different ways that our students of all ages can participate in our broader school community outside the classroom, including student led clubs, athletics and after school enrichment.

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